Cool Kitchen Gadgets

If you like to cook, you have got to have cool kitchen gadgets! And when I say cool, I mean those that actually work, make your life easier, don’t take up too much space and are worth spending the money on.

I have a love / hate affair with electrical appliances. What drives me crazy about too many such appliances is the uncanny way in which the cords tangle themselves in the deep recesses of the cabinets. You pull on one thing and every other thing tumbles out!

So, my favorite gadgets tend to be the kind you use by hand. Now, I’m not saying I don’t love my stand mixer and my food processor. I just don’t like things like electric crêpe-makers or electric fry pans. They take up too much space and the cords try to mate in the dark…and they’re hard to wash because most won’t go in the dishwasher!

So on this page, I’ll share my list of favorites and perhaps you’ll think they’re great too!



I find it's a real waste of money to buy what seem like cool gadgets from discount stores.  The items usually don't last, they're made of dubious substances and they don't perform well in the first place!

I love restaurant supply stores.  They have EVERYTHING and the quality is really good!  And I love to shop online too where I can often get a really good bargain for top quality items. 

Oh, and I love my vintage kitchen gadgets that I find at places like Goodwill and other thrift stores like Value Village.

I cherish my glass lemon juicer, my hand cranked beater and my unusual whisks!  And yes, I do use them frequently.  I guess that makes me a kitchen nerd!

Consignment shops are always brimming with gadgets.  Some are still in boxes unopened.  I'm guessing these may have been gifts given to non-foodies!  You should always be on the look out for kitchen gadgets in consignment shops!

I have to confess I have come home with some things that piqued my curiosity but ended up being completely useless.  The avocado saver was one of them.

So on this site, when I recommend a brand for any kitchen gadget or a line of cookware, you can be sure it has met with my approval.

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