A low carb chicken casserole is perfect when you have people in your family who either like the white or the dark meat.  In my house, I love the white while hubby likes the dark.  He thinks the white is dry and pasty.  I think it tastes delicate and sweet.  To each his own!

In a casserole, everything stays moist so it doesn't matter if the dish is made up of different chicken parts or if it's solely made up of one or the other.  The flavors mesh wonderfully to enhance all cuts.

Another reason I love making chicken casseroles is that they're typically very economical.  The breast is an expensive cut but you can stretch it a lot when it's in a pot full of other stuff.

Making big batches of food is a great way for a person following a healthy low carb way of eating to stay on plan.  Simply measure out portions and freeze.  It's a perfect way to bring wholesome delicious meals to work or to have on hand when you're in a mad rush.  And aren't we all in a mad rush?

A great tip to further help with keeping things economical is to purchase whole chickens when they're on sale.  Cut them up into wings, thighs, drumsticks and breasts.  Then freeze until you're ready to use the pieces.

Some low carb chicken casserole recipes call for boneless or bone in pieces.  It's cheaper to de-bone chicken meat yourself.  It's not hard to do but you do need a very sharp de-boning knife to get the job done.  If money is no object or you just don't have time, of course purchase the meat already de-boned.

Casseroles featured here are all low carb.  Look at the ingredients and  the Per Serving nutritional breakdown to ensure you're keeping within your personal carbohydrate tolerance level.

Listed below is a growing list of casseroles featuring chicken.



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