Pork Cuts

Selecting pork cuts and properly cooking them can be confusing for the average cook at home.  So here's some information to help you out in the kitchen.

Pork flesh is pale pink or nearly colorless. It should never be red or bloody.

All pork cuts and bacon can be roasted, fried or broiled. If the meat is really fatty then it's usually reserved for grinding, stewing or braising.

When you bring pork home eat it right away or freeze it. Small cuts like chops will develop a slimy covering under the shrink-wrap in a day or two. This is not nice. BUT, bacon on the other hand will keep longer because it's been cured with salt or it's been smoked.

Hams are flavored, or I should say, cured and smoked in various ways depending on where they come from.  I have learned that what makes Virginia ham so gosh darned good is that the hogs are fed a diet of peanuts and peaches.  That's what gives the ham such a lovely sweet flavor!


Serving Size: 85g or 3oz, cooked

Calories: 127

Fat: 3g

Carbohydrate: 0

Protein: 24g

Like any other meat, pork needs to be cooked to a safe temperature. This link will take you to a chart for MINIMAL INTERNAL COOKING TEMPERATURE.

And of course you must try our low carb pork curry recipe!

Below is a simple diagram showing where the various cuts come from.

Pork Collar / Neck And Shoulder

The pork collar / neck and shoulder areas provide the following cuts:

Blade Bottom Roast

Neck Bones

Boneless Blade Steak

Fresh Arm Picnic

Boneless Blade Bottom Roast

Arm Steak

Arm Roast

Pork Loin

The pork loin area provides the following cuts:

Country Style Ribs

Fat Back (for larding and barding)

Blade Chop

Center Loin

Blade Loin

Sirloin Chop


Rib Chop

Sirloin Cutlet

Butterfly Chop

Boneless Double Top Loin


Canadian Style Bacon (Pea Meal Bacon)

Pork Hock

The pork hock area provides the following cuts:

Fresh Hock

Pork Ribs And Belly

The pork ribs and belly areas provide the following cuts:

Salt Pork

Spare Ribs

Sliced Bacon

Slab Bacon

Pork Leg

The pork leg area provides the following cuts:

Smoked Ham Rump

Smoked Ham Shank

Boneless Leg / Ham


Pork Feet

Pig’s Feet

In some countries, the head of the pig is considered a delicacy.  I don't have any experience with cooking a pig's head and I have no plans to cook one.  Ever.  But that's just me! 

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