Bacon and Egg Diet

Getting Fat Adapted Pronto!

Will the bacon and egg diet get me back in the swing of things after gaining back almost 30 pounds?  That’s what I’m about to find out and what I want to share with you.  There’s a reason for the drastic measure I’m about to attempt.  So here’s a bit of background I need to share with you to explain my weight gain.

I stopped drinking alcohol almost 2 years ago.  It was becoming a daily habit and I felt I needed to cut it out of my life before it got to be a problem.  And so, just like that I stopped drinking wine and spirits cold turkey.  It was not difficult at all.

The brain, however, is a tricky little thing.  It wasn’t long before I reasoned I could start allowing myself to have some carby treats from time to time.  Afterall, I deserved to have some fun, wouldn’t you agree?  Well, my brain agreed wholeheartedly!!!  It had an all-out 2-year long party!!

So, it came to pass that the occasional indulgence like a piece of chocolate or a handful of chips turned to an almost daily occurrence.  It turned into full blown junk binges which left me feeling dazed, unhappy and twenty-nine pounds heavier.  It was “carb creep” at its worst!

Hello?  Where did my waist go?!

Piled on top of this demonic carb craze, I entered menopause and to make things worse, Covid-19 hit and I became a recluse.  Hello!!!  What the hell?  Where did my waist go?

So here I am again, not only having to lose the 29 pounds I gained back but also the 20 I was trying to lose in the first place!!  I know that low carb and keto are the only things that work for me so here I go.  I’m diving into the deep end of the pool.

For getting back into fat burning mode, my plan is to do a simple bacon and egg diet for as long as I can stand it.  I want to keep things uncomplicated and I figure eating 2 simple ingredients can’t get much easier than that!! Here goes!


Preparations Begin

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Highest Weight: 198
Start Weight: 
Total Loss: (N/A)

My plan is to keep a daily log of what it’s like to follow a bacon and egg diet.  And I mean JUST bacon and eggs.  

Will I be able to beat my carb cravings? 
Will I lose weight? 
How will I feel mentally and physically?  
Will I get hungry?
How soon before I get sick of eggs… no one tires of bacon, just sayin’!

I’ll weigh in daily because I’m crazy like that!  It’s not something I recommend because the scale is the worst tool for measuring success.  But I also have clothes that will tell the tale. 

My work uniform (shown above) is not something that has any sort of “give”.  When that shirt is too tight it’s not getting buttoned up and that’s that.  Right now, I’m wearing it as a jacket with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath because it’s gotten so tight the buttons may pop off!  And I can’t do up my bright yellow safety vest either.  So that’s another good measure.

As for journal entries, obviously, the daily menu will be the same but perhaps how much I’m eating and when or how often I'm eating may change.  I'll just keep a record and let you know how things go day to day.

In preparation for the diet, this morning I cooked a pound of bacon by baking it in the oven. I like to use Kirkland Low Sodium brand from Costco.  It has the least amount of sugar.

And I hard boiled about a dozen eggs.  At this point I don’t know how much I’m going to need to eat to keep me full and happy.

I got the idea for doing this after watching a really good 36 minute long video by Amy Berger.  She’s all about “Keto Without the Crazy”.  In this YouTube video she talks about fat adaptation and she mentions just eating bacon and eggs for a few days to get back into fat burning.  Ding!  Ding!  I’m on it! 

It’s a simple enough experiment to try on myself and I can only hope it’s my ticket back to weight loss, pronto!! 

I’ve got Ketostix to measure for ketones which will tell me when I re-enter ketosis.  It usually it takes me about 3 days. I expect I'll be peeing a lot and likely will experience a headache as I transition back to fat burning.  I can live with that.

Summer is coming and there’s no way I want to be a chunky monkey in the heat of summer.  Boo on that!

OK!  Stay tuned for daily reports of what it’s like to follow this bacon and egg diet.  If my personal results are good, maybe you’ll want to try it too!

Let's see what happened on DAY ONE.

Let's go back to the HOME page.

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