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"Life in the Fast Lane"

A fasting diet... I can hear you now.  What?! Go without food?  Are ya nuts?!! 

 I know!  I know!  I thought the same thing too.  Just the idea of skipping a meal, sheesh!  Never mind going a few days without eating!  Crazy!  I'm outta here.  I love food.  I have to eat. This girl is NOT going to drink that KoolAid.  Nuh uh.

We've been told to eat 4-6 mini meals a day.  It's supposed to keep our metabolisms revved up, they said.  It burns fat, we've been assured.   

 OK, so let me ask.  How's that advice working for you?  Seriously.  I'm not trying to be a sarcastic.  How's eating all day long helping you lose body fat?  If you're like me, it's not.  It never did and it never will.  But after being told to eat all day long it's just so hard to imagine not eating.

The thing is, I have a curious mind.  And if you too are curious about permanent fat loss, then keep reading.  If your eyes are glazing over, just move along, thank you.

I learned about fasting as part of ongoing research that I do.  And research about nutrition has become an all consuming hobby.  I love it.  Food and how it behaves in our bodies holds a huge fascination for me.  And of course, losing my excess body fat is a big motivator to keep learning.

When I began a fasting diet a couple of months ago I told no one.  Well, not true.  I told just a few people and here's what I got:  "OMG!  You'll starve!"  "You'll slow down your metabolism."  "Your muscles will eat themselves."  "Your brain will shrink."  "Are you anorexic?"  "That's SO not healthy for you!"   And on it went.  So I stopped telling people... until now.

Why would a perfectly sane person
choose to fast?

So why would a perfectly sane person choose to fast from time to time? 

Why would a low carb recipe website writer and recipe developer choose not to eat? 

Why would a person even contemplate not eating?! 

What the hell?

You're about to find out why I do a fasting diet.

I've dedicated this corner of the website to my personal journey following a low carbohydrate lifestyle which includes Intermittent Fasting as well as Extended Fasts.  It's been created so that you can peek into my "life in the fast lane".

I'm not a celebrity nor a person of notoriety.   I'm just an average, middle-aged woman with weight to lose.  A person who's tried it all and never got the promised results... until trying a fasting diet.

It's only because I'm having success with this way of eating and people are noticing that I decided to write about this journey I'm on.  People are asking what it is that I'm doing to get these results. And questions inevitably lead to more questions.  So I'm sharing my personal daily journal with anyone interested.  And hopefully answer some of those questions.


The risk of course is that I'll be criticized, challenged and branded a whacko-coo-coo-nut-case!  But bring it on!  I'm game.

My intentions are simple.  I have a burning need to help people.  People who have a lot of fat to lose.  Men and women who've done everything right. Tried it all only to feel like failures.  It doesn't have to be that way.

I know it's kind of weird that a website dedicated to low carb food would even engage in a fasting topic.  Well, the fact is that I love to eat, I love to cook and I've come to love fasting.  I fast and I feast.  Life is good and so simple now.

Day to Day

Here I'll discuss what I do and what I experience on a daily basis.  You'll see for yourself what following a fasting diet looks like.  And you'll also see what I feast on when I'm not fasting.  Trust me, I love to eat and I eat really well.

Like I said, people are noticing my ongoing weight loss and they're clamoring to know what I'm doing.  My journal entries include the good days, the bad days and everything in between.  I'm keeping it real.

I write daily and from time to time I'll create videos as well.  I haven't yet decided if the videos will be weekly or monthly.  Let's see where that goes.

See Day 1 of my journal.

I'm not a doctor nor a nutritionist but I am fanatical about health, food and nutrition.  It's a passion of mine!   

I'm devoted to helping men and women along their journeys to good health. 

As a Certified Professional Life Coach I help people transition from their present way of eating and living so that they can enjoy an optimal life.  It's what I do.  I guide, inform and help people develop personal strategies to achieve realistic health goals.  More on that later...

You can read my first journal entry here.

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