Fasting Journal 11

Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Life in the Fast Lane"

Fasting Journal 11:  Eating only when you're hungry... (Continued)

In yesterday's journal  I talked about reasons we give ourselves for eating when we're not even hungry.  They included Boredom, Lack of Sleep and Stress/Anxiety.  Here are a few more excuses we give ourselves.

Everyone Else Is Eating

Of course all I can hear in my head is my mom asking "If Timmy jumped off a bridge would you jump off too?"  The fact is, if you're in a situation where everyone else is eating and you're not hungry it's quite OK to say you're not hungry.

Of course notorious food pushers may single you out and try to force food on you but really this is all in your control.  A simple, "I am seriously not even a little hungry." should do the trick.  You can always say you'd love to take a doggie bag home with you because everything looks delicious.  What you do with the doggie bag when you get home is up to you.

Eat Now In Case You Get Hungry Later

That's the same as saying "Take a pain killer now in case you break your ankle later."  What if you're not hungry later?  Most of my readers live in the land of plenty.  You can't walk a half a block without there being food available to eat.  So eating for the future is absolutely unnecessary.

Clean Your Plate

Why would anyone keep eating when they're full?  Unless you eat at some sort of cosmic speed, you will know when you've had enough to eat.  And so what if there's a bit of food left on the plate?  If it will keep then have it the next day or freeze it.  Better yet, don't pile your food up on the plate.

Eat slowly.  Wait.  If you're still truly hungry, have another small helping.  Stop when you're full.  If the food is served to you already on the plate, then do the same thing.  Eat slowly, put your fork down from time to time, savor each bite.  You will learn in time that you really don't need as much food as you think you do.

My Journal - Day 11

Start Weight: 154
Today's Weight:
 148.8 (-5.2)

1 poached egg
4 slices bacon
1 sausage
1/2 cup mesclun mix

1 serving of
Cheesy Keto Crack Slaw with Tomato Sauce
1 slice of Lemon Poppyseed Quick Bread

Calories: 1299
Protein: 66.4g
Carbs: 17.7g
Fiber: 5.8g
Net Carbs: 11.9g
Fat: 105g

75% Fat, 22% Protein, 4% Carbs

Chew on This:

- Eat slowly. 
- Savor each bite. 
- Stop when you're comfortably full. 
- Stuffing yourself is a terrible thing to subject your body to.  I've come to really dislike the feeling of being stuffed!  Ugh!!

That's it for fasting journal 11.  Tomorrow I will talk about exercise... and my plans to actually get started!  

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