Hummus Recipe

I love to try a new hummus recipe every now and then.  But hummus can be very high in carbohydrates and of course this site is dedicated to low carb recipes.  So experimentation is key.

And for me, experimentation, well that’s just a whole lot of fun.  A dash of this, a splash of that and suddenly magic happens.  Well, not always but the good stuff makes it to the website.

Hummus can be served as a dip for fresh vegetables, which is my favorite presentation.  I use celery sticks, cucumber slices, radishes and other non-starchy veggies for dipping.  And it makes a great lunch addition that travels really well!

It can also be used as a spread in sandwiches for your friends and family members who still eat bread.  Or break up pieces of fresh pita for scooping.

I love to spoon hummus in cherry tomatoes for fussy appetizers.  And I love to spread it on lettuce leaves to make a pretend wrap “sandwich”.   But more about that later….

So what is hummus?

It’s hard to say exactly where hummus comes from.  It goes back so many years that it’s impossible to pinpoint who invented it.  But rumor has it it’s from the Middle East somewhere.  I don’t claim to be a food historian.

What I do know is that the main ingredient of a hummus recipe is usually beans (legumes). It can also be made from chickpeas, kidney beans, white beans or even peanuts.  The base of a hummus can also be made from tree nuts like macadamias.

Once the beans are pureed or mashed, a mere handful of other ingredients bring the hummus to life.  Hummus can be very spicy or mild, very lemony or garlicky, very hot or mild. 

What about the nutritional value?

Of course every version of a recipe will have a different nutritional value.  But overall, fresh, homemade hummus contains a good fat like olive oil, great fiber from the vegetables used and good protein from the beans.  It makes a great vegetarian snack or main meal.  Not that vegetarian is necessarily healthier than another way of eating.

For someone who is controlling their carbohydrate intake, you’ll have to look at the Net Carbs and factor that into your daily carb count.  This is where you look at the carbs and subtract the fiber.  The difference that remains is the carbs that impact on your blood sugar level.

Here is a growing list of recipes for you to try

Listed below are some of the hummus recipes I’m working on.  Those that are underlined have been double tested (at least).  Each one links out to a page featuring the full recipe and photo(s).

And of course if you’re reading this and you're thinking that maybe your recipe is just as good as some featured here, I’d be really happy if you would share them here for our visitors to drool over!






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