Mayonnaise Recipe

Here's an easy mayonnaise recipe you'll want to make over and over again.  I certainly do.  It's a recipe I've tweaked over time and this version turns out perfectly every time.

I prefer to use my food processor but you could use an immersion stick blender.  I have best results with the food processor.

I will often use the mayo as a base for salad dressings and I'll share some of those recipes with you.  Stay tuned!

I've used a combination of avocado oil and MCT oil to make it more ketogenic.

People will often ask me how long the homemade mayo will keep.  It keeps for about 3-4 days.  I put tape on the lid of the jar then write on it the date I made the mayo and when I need to consume it by.

I've chosen not to use a sweetener in this recipe as I don't believe it enhances the flavor at all.  Plus I'm trying to cut out anything that's artificial.

This recipe makes a little over 1-3/4 cups, so you'll need a glass jar large enough to hold that much. It should have a tight fitting lid.  Store the mayonnaise in the fridge.

I use a lot of this mayo so mine gets devoured in about 3 days.

Mayonnaise Recipe

Makes about 1-3/4 cups, about 28 tbsp


105 Calories

0.1 Carb Grams

0 Fiber Grams

0.1 Net Carbs

13 Fat Grams

0.42 Grams Protein

This works out to about 98% fat, 1% carbs, 1% protein


1 whole large egg

2 large egg yolks

1 tbsp red wine vinegar or coconut vinegar

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp dry mustard

1/2 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea salt, freshly ground

1/2 tsp black pepper, freshly ground

1 cup MCT oil

1/2 cup avocado oil


Bring all ingredients to room temperature.

Place the egg, the yolks, vinegar, lemon juice, dry mustard, salt and pepper in the blender.  Pulse a few times to combine everything thoroughly.

This is the fun part.  Use a glass measuring cup large enough to hold both oils.  I use a 2 cup measuring cup.

Turn food processor on and slowly pour the oils through the feeding tube.  The oil stream, as you pour, needs to be very thin.  This will take about 2-3 minutes.  Don't rush.  If you rush, the mayo won't emulsify.

That's all there is to making homemade mayo!

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