Nutritional Value of Cauliflower

You're going to love the nutritional value of cauliflower.  Not only is it a low carb and versatile vegetable it's also packed with goodness.  Cauliflower is also touted as being a great source of Vitamin C!  Just be sure to get the freshest you can get your hands on.  It's gotta be really firm and the florets tight.  Any black blemishes is a tell tale sign that the veggie is already deteriorating.

Here's the scoop. 

For a whole, raw, medium head here are some cauliflower nutrition facts:

Calories: 144

Protein: 11g

Carbs: 30g

Fiber: 14g

Net Carbs: 16g

Fat: 1.2g

Vit. A: 109I.U

Thiamine: 0.33mg

Riboflavin: 0.36mg

Niacine: 3.00mg

Vit.B6: 1.30mg

Folic Acid: 328.0mcg

Vit. B12: 0.00 mcg

Vit. C: 267.0mg

Calcium: 127.0mg

Iron: 2.5mg

Magnesium: 86.3mg

Potassium: 1742mg

Zinc: 1.6mg


If you've never had cauliflower you don't know what you're missing.  Cauliflower can be eaten raw or cooked.  It tastes milder than broccoli but definitely has a sweet cabbage-like flavor with nutty undertones. Raw cauliflower florets are great for scooping up dips too!  Pack a cup of fresh cauliflower for a low carb snack or as part of your lunch.

10 florets of raw cauliflower contain 15 calories, 5g carbs, 2.5g fiber, so the net carb count is only 2.5g.

Frozen cauliflower retains its nutritional value and makes some recipes very convenient.  I was quite surprised that the flavor was not affected.  So if you don't have time to fuss with fresh cauliflower, buy the frozen kind.

By the way, leftover cooked or raw cauliflower is a great addition to a vegetable soup or salad.

For a list of recipes featuring cauliflower please visit the How To Cook Cauliflower page.  There you'll find a growing list of great low carb recipes.

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