Western Omelette

Low Carb Western Omelette, Ketogenic

This western omelette has become one of my favorite breakfast choices.  I love the delicate flavor of the green onion, ham and cheese.  To me it's divine. 

A traditional western calls for just chopped onion and ham but I like to prepare mine this way.  It's not only delicious but as you can see, it's pretty with the flecks of color throughout.  I believe food should taste great and look as attractive as possible.

The addition of avocado on top is perfect.  The heat from the omelette warms the avocado rendering it tender and much more flavorful.  I buy the large Haas avocados and typically will eat a 1/4 of one.  The fat and fiber really keeps me going for well into the afternoon.  No hunger pangs and no need for mid-morning snack.

If you prefer, you can fold the omelette and serve the avocado on the side.

Low Carb Western Omelette, Ketogenic

It's one of the reasons I love this way of eating.  My blood sugar levels are always steady.  Gone are the days of having a bagel and fruit for breakfast and being famished by 10am!!

Most of my well-meaning friends and family think this way of eating is not healthy.  That's because they still believe (erroneously) in the whole low fat / high carb diet.  That works for some people but it doesn't for me.  So to each his own.  I don't comment on the way they eat so I appreciate no comments on the way I choose to eat.  Fair?

And now on to the recipe.


Makes 1 serving (without avocado)


386 Calories

24.2g Protein

2.9g Carb

0.1g Fiber

2.8g Net Carbs

31g Fat

(72% Fat, 26% Protein, 3% Carbs)


1 tbsp butter

2 large eggs

1 tbsp water

1 tbsp finely chopped green onion

1 thin slice of deli ham, finely chopped

1 oz old cheddar, grated

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 of large avocado (optional)


Melt butter over medium heat.

Beat eggs with water and then incorporate the remaining ingredients.

Pour into pan and cook to set bottom lifting the sides of the omelette to allow uncooked portion to puddle underneath.  When most of the omelette is set, flip it or place it under the broiler to cook the top.

Slide onto a plate and garnish with avocado if desired.  Yum!!!

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